The OpenIPO® Auction.

Advising Public Offerings through Transparency and Innovation


A transparent and market-based methodology.


Shares are placed with long term investors — not those looking to 'flip'.


A focus on sustainable returns instead of short term 'pop'.


Invite and capture demand from all types of investors.


Your ally in the IPO process.

"What if we could skip the bankers, the offering price, the road shows and the endless debate about what will happen on the offering date and just go directly to the offering?"

Past Clients

Your ally in the IPO process: Two Options

Underwriter or Co-Manager: End to End Investment Banking Services

Issuer Auction Advisor: Facilitating Fair Price Discovery


If our values and goals are aligned with yours, we want to be an advocate for your company and help you avoid the pitfalls of the traditional IPO process. Whatever our role, it's possible for you to use the OpenIPO auction process.

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For a full evaluation of your company, the following documentation is needed: 1) a two page description of your company 2) two years audited financials and 3) a twelve month financial projection.

Getting Started FAQ

What can I do to start preparing for an IPO?

Most importantly your company leadership should be on the same page about an IPO. If that's the case, you can get a head start by:

  1. certifying your financial statements
  2. creating a first draft business write up with financial forecasts
  3. begin meeting with the buy-side (it's now legal to test the market)
When is the right time to take my company public?

Assuming your company is able to raise a minimum of $15 million, there are great examples of success when a company goes public early including Intel, Adobe, and Genentech.

What additional questions do you have?

Please contact us or submit suggestions via our FAQ Page.