WRH+Co will lead Reg A+ Teach-in for Investors at Sidoti Conference 2016

March 29, 2016


Sidoti Emerging Growth Conference 2016

WRH + Co Teach-in – Regulation A+ Creates New Options for Investors.

Principals of WRH+Co will lead a teach-in for the Investor on Reg A+ at the Sidoti Emerging Growth Conference highlighting the new opportunities to invest in potentially high-growth companies through the new A+ IPO. John Hullar, Managing Partner, Whitney White, Head of Capital Markets, and Kurt Kruger, Head of the Life Science Practice, will lead WRH+Co’s Q&A Session at the Sidoti Emerging Growth Conference at 4:00pm on Thursday, March 31, 2016.

Regulation A+ Creates New Options for Investors

Reg A+ was intended to help revive the small cap market by allowing early stage growth companies to raise up to $50 million in a public offering through a process that provides streamlined and lower-cost access to the capital markets for the issuer and gives the investor the opportunity to participate in the IPO for these potentially high growth companies. Other advantages include a more open selling process with the opportunity to “Test the Waters,” and the transparency of pre-IPO research available to all investors. Seeking a broad audience of investors, Reg A+ offerings may include novel selling practices such as the use of crowd funding, and other internet-enabled methods. Because the securities offered under Reg A+ are freely tradable, Over-the-Counter ATSes (such as OTCQX, provided by OTC Markets Group) and national exchanges like NYSE and NASDAQ will be used to provide secondary market liquidity.

WRH+Co has Developed a Web-Enabled Platform for Investors

WRH+Co has developed a hybrid, web-enabled platform for public transactions that gives interested investors access to the offering circular and marketing materials, as well as the ability to register their interest level and ultimately even invest directly online if they choose. Please see www.wrhambrecht.com for access to the offering circulars and marketing materials for all current offerings.

About WR Hambrecht + Co
WR Hambrecht + Co was founded in 1998 to level the playing field for investors and issuers. Our Founder, Bill Hambrecht, is a Silicon Valley pioneer who has been financing growth companies from Apple to Google during his time at Hambrecht & Quist and WRH+Co. Since inception WRH+Co has been championing and financing emerging growth companies and currently has four Reg A+ offerings in process and several others preparing a Form 1-A for submission. Active offerings are Aperion Biologics, Allegiancy, BeautyKind and NewsBeat Social.