WR Hambrecht + Co is making sure everyday investors can take part in Reg A+ Mini IPOs

June 09, 2016


San Francisco, June 9, 2016 – Whitney White, head of capital markets, gives his view on current investment opportunities for Reg A+ mini-IPOs in an interview with Equities.com. Whit shares his perspective from the time he joined WR Hambrecht + Co to help build the OpenIPO platform. In this interview Whitney gives a good overview of the firm’s history built on the founder, Bill Hambrecht’s, vision of building a transparent, technology-driven process that would level the playing field and enable all classes of investors to participate in IPOs, to be part of the pricing. Attached is the link to the article that serves as a firm update and an update on how WR Hambrecht + Co has evolved to lead the IPO A+ mini-IPO market for investors and issuers.